4 Months and Beyond

So, I know it's been a long time since I've blogged.  I apologise for that.  I have a lot of things I could blog about.  Including, but not limited to: airport changing tables, baby sunglasses, injured Pelicans, and bathroom remodelling. 

However, I wanted to do a quick blog post now about Will at nearly 5 months so I can document some of his skillz (with a z) and growth.  I've got all of it written down elsewhere, but I'd like it here, as well.

At his last weigh in (at 4 months 1 week, or 19 weeks, however you want to count it) he was 12 pounds 15 ounces and 24 inches long.  He's certainly not a big fellow.  He falls into the 5th-10th percentile for both (which means he's the right weight for his height).  Looking at Geoff's baby book, he was a pretty little baby at this age as well. At 6 months, Geoff was 13 pounds and 25.5 inches.  So, if that's any indication, it appears that Will may be built more like Geoff (I was 16 pounds at 4 months).  But, we'll see!

He rolled from back to front for the first time just last week on 3/21/12.  He can now roll all directions, which is kind of fun.  He likes to sleep on his side - rarely will I come in and find him sleeping on his back anymore. 

His favorite toy currently is (what we call) his bumblebee.  It was gift from his great-grandma (Geoff's grandma) and he loves to talk to that thing and to chew on it and squeeze it.  He also really likes his Sophie giraffe (which I like to call Geoffrey the Giraffe, for obvious reasons) and his Baby Einstein saxophone. 

If he's not hungry, sleepy, or wet - he's happy.  He loves to smile and giggle and play and is so curious about the world.  Church is already growing difficult for me because he doesn't like to sit still or just play on my lap for an hour (let alone three).  About 15 minutes in, he's bored and he wants to go do something else.  Saturday was the Relief Society birthday party at church and we spent most of the day reading the bulletin board (he couldn't stop looking at all the colorful paper/words) since sitting in the chapel wasn't working for him. 

He loves to read.  If he's getting sleeping or cranky, but I'm not quite ready to put him down, I can just pull out a book and he's happy until the story ends.  I'll read and he'll just stare at the pictures (and sometimes gnaw on the end of the book). 

We started him on solids (slowly).  So far he's had rice cereal and bananas.  He enjoyed both.  Tonight we are going to introduce peaches.  Next week is going to be sweet potatoes and apples(auce).  So far I've been making his food on the spot (mashing a banana with some breast milk is not intensive work), but I'm going to start making some baby food each week to freeze.  I'll make the potatoes and applesauce this weekend so it's ready ahead of time for him.  I'm excited for spring and summer to come, because I'll buy whatever fruits and veggies are in season and cook/freeze them so he'll have a good variety through the fall and winter. 

Lastly, Will went on his first business trip!  Kind of.  I had a work trip last week and Will came along.  Grandma G met us in Tampa, FL and acted as nanny for the week while I was at work.  He traveled like a champ and got to go to the beach for the first time.  He couldn't have been cuter.


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