1 month old...already!

So, I know I haven't been much of a blogger as of late.  It's a little hard.  When Will sleeps, I have so many things I want to do.  From cleaning, to laundry, to decorating for the holidays, to showering, to napping, to blogging - it's hard to manage all that I want to get done! 

And so here I am, blogging the day after Will celebrated his 1 month birthday.  The last time I blogged it was about his birth.  It's crazy how fast time flies.  But, also incredible how much I love this boy and how much that grows day by day. 

Will is doing great.  He grows cuter by the day.  He's getting increasingly alert and interested in the world around him.  He's tracking pretty well with his eyes (I caught a pretty great video of it if anyone is interested) and has some impressive neck strength.  Tummy time doesn't make him nearly as angry as it used to.  Thank goodness.  He's now over 8 pounds - gained closed to 2 pounds since he was released from the hospital.  So, he's feeding well and growing up fast! 

There's still no telling what color his eyes are going to be.  Sometimes they look very light and sometimes a bit darker.  They are definitely bluer than when he was born (they were very gray), so we'll see.  Either way, we're happy, but it will be interesting to see which direction they go. 

Geoff is surviving amazingly well considering he's juggling full-time work, school, and daddy-hood.  Luckily the semester is almost over and he'll get a much-needed 2 week break from school and work.  Come January when I return to work, Geoff will switch to a night/weekend work schedule and stay home during the day with Will.  I'm going to try to hide my jealousy because I'm so glad that my two favorite men get to be together if I can't be with them. 

On Saturday we had Will's newborn pictures and our family photos taken, so we should get those back soon and be able to send out announcements/Christmas cards.  I'm looking forward to that.

Here are a few photos to document what we've been up to over the past few weeks.  Enjoy! (Click on the photos to view them bigger)

Will during his first bath.  Just a couple days old.

Grandpa came to visit!

A little cuddle time with Grandpa G.

Will, Daddy G and I.  Almost a smile on his face.

We attempted to take some family pics while the Gs were here.

The men and their "cigars."

A couple weekends ago Geoff replaced the window in our living room
with french doors.  There is a deck out there.  He did an amazing job!

The shirt says it all.

Our living room - Christmas style.

My dining room table

Will rocking a little tummy time on the quilt his Grandma
Parker made for him.  It's amazing.


  1. Cute cute cute! Everything! :) Baby, Christmas Decor, your house! :) Good job on the doors, Geoff. I'm impressed.

    I totally understand about the blogging thing...just know it isn't just you. We all stopped blogging as frequently when the babies came along! :) Welcome to the club. ;)

    I so want a Christmas card if you have enough. :) Can't wait to see your pictures

  2. still can't wait for the day that i get to meet the little man! :) And can't wait to see more pictures

  3. The last picture looks most like the little guy I remember ... I can't wait to see him again.

    Oh and you, too, of course.

    Oh, and Geoff, too, of course!