We Got Skillz

So, I previously mentioned that as my Easter/Mother's Day gift, I was getting a new kitchen sink and faucet.  The existing sink was, let's say, adequate.  It was only 6 inches deep.  Combine that with the faucet that provided relatively no clearance and I was pushing it trying to clean my bigger pots and pans in there.  Originally I decided that a new faucet would solve most of my problems, but as we started looking at faucet costs versus replacing the whole thing, it made more sense economically (and aesthetically) to go with the whole replacement.  Not that I minded! 

We purchased the sink and all the necessary components and plumbing tools last weekend and waited for a day when Geoff would be able to install it.  Tuesday night was a good, slow night for us.  Geoff texted a friend of ours to see if he would come help, but he was out of town that night.  So, Geoff looked at me and asked the question, "Think we can do it?" 

Not one to turn down a challenge, I said, "I'm sure we can." 

So, we became plumbers.  With relatively little issue (or bum cracks), we removed the old sink, widened the hole in the counter top, installed the new sink and faucet, and reattached the disposal.  Pretty good, if I do say so myself.


Shallow, but not overall terrible.

A good shot to show how little clearance I had with that faucet.
Gorgeous.  Big. 

Look at all that clearance!  I can even fill a mop bucket now!

It came with some protective pieces, I love them.


  1. Fill a mop bucket? Are you insane?

    It looks GREAT. B-R-A-V-O!

    P.S. On to toilets ....?

  2. I'm impressed with your skills! Looks great =)

  3. Lovely! And that's awesome that you guys did it yourselves! :) Great job you two!