Note. To. Self.

Notes to Self:

  • Just because you want to pretend it's spring, going outside in 1 degree weather without your gloves is ill-advised.
  • Dike is a word that people are actually allowed to use (something you did no know growing up).  In fact, they are building a dike a quarter mile from your house.  
  • Although you are proud of the fact that you managed to screw on your plastic-bag-holder-thingy-from-Ikea to the cabinet door, it would have been a lot faster to have waited for Geoff.
  • Rom isn't finding ways to sneak out of the backyard because he wants to run away, he's just a teenage boy.
  • Don't admit it out loud, but you are kind of excited for your next business trip (in a couple weeks) because you'll get to take and use your new pillow pet mini on the plane.
  • Hulu+ really isn't worth the $7.99 you are paying for it - but you're not going to cancel.
  • Answering the question "where are you from" is getting increasingly complicated (well, I grew up in X, but went to school out in X and lived there for 5 years, and my parents now live in X, but I currently live in X).
  • You are going to be 25 this October.  Maybe it's time to finally take Geoff to Disneyland.
  • You and Geoff are singing in Stake Conference in a couple weeks.  It may be time to practice

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  1. Note to Self: Even though it's cheaper to buy a 2 liter bottle of diet soda than it is to buy a 20 oz bottle of diet soda, it is not generally considered socially acceptable to wander around with that giant bottle in one's handbag and occasionally take a swig.

    Too bad, though.