When Empathy Strikes

Each of us have those emotional strengths and weaknesses that make us unique.  I have been blessed (or cursed, as it may be) with a pretty strong sense of empathy.  I regularly cry on behalf of others or feel compelled to stand up for a person or opinion with which I may not be friendly or find myself in agreement.  I do this because I, seriously, feel angry or hurt for the person/opinion that is being attacked.  Anywho, this is getting more serious than intended.  

So, anyway, this empathy can hit me at the wrong moment and really cause me to make a fool of myself.  The hub is used to my crying during Swiffer commercials because I'm sad for the mop who is no longer loved or melting into a blubbering mess when a :15 commercial for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition teases me with some sad story about some amazing child or family overcoming adversity that makes my whole soul feel heavy with sorrow.  

Strangers on planes, however, are not prepared for the moment when the seemingly normal girl next to them is sniffling and wiping at her face with her sleeves because Secretariat just won the triple crown (in a movie, mind you, where winning the triple crown was a certainty from the moment the movie started).  

What a weirdo...


  1. hahaha, Carlos made fun of me for crying with that movie in that same part at the dollar theater. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was teary eyed =)

  2. You are in for it when you are pregnant Amanda! Stock up on the Klenex!! Hahahah