Diet - Duh.

So, I'm in Texas. Texas is known for a lot of things. Diet soda is not, apparently, one of these things.

Typically when I find myself staying in a hotel, the vending machines offer 2-3 different diet soda options. Not Texas.

So, since I [obviously] can't start a 14 hour day without my beloved Diet Dew, I stop at a gas station on my way to the radio station's offices.

I enter and walk to the cooler where I pull out an ice cold 20 ounce Diet Dew. I approach the very friendly man at the checkout who smiles at me broadly and says, "This everything for you, Ma'am?"
I smile back and say "heck, yes."

As I'm about to grab my bottle and walk away, he stops me. "Ma'am - did you know that's diet?"

Me: "You betcha" (uh, oh, he's southern drawl seems to make me talk even more like a North Dakotahn).

"Oh, kay. They look a lot alike, and people have to come back all the time and swap them out."

Seriously? People don't WANT the diet? Bah humbug.


  1. Ah, Texas. Been there, done that. My black slacks at the rodeo were not well-received.

    But your Trophy Wife response was excellent:

    Heck, yes!

  2. Does Texas know that if they drink diet soda, they can eat twice as much barbecue?

    Really, just wonderin'...