Girls' Night Out

*Dislcaimer: I wish I had photos to go with this post. However, naturally, we did not take any.

Friday, as usual, Geoff had to work the closing shift at work. So my super-amazing friends, Amanda and Latissa, took me out to dinner and a movie to celebrate the day of my birth. That's right, I got to go out TWICE. :)

We went to Mimi's (which is always delish). The waiter made a bet that it was only my 20th birthday. So that was good.

The girls gave me presents. Amanda gave me a fabulous watch that I absolutely adore (I was telling her earlier, though, that it's harder then I thought to train myself to look at my wrist for the time and not to dig for my phone. ha). Tissa gave me a certificate for a free (and much needed) massage. She finishes massage school next week, and I'm very excited to get a massage from her freshly licensed!

After a dinner full of girly gossip and giggles, we went over to the dollar theatre to see The Proposal. We had all seen it before, but it's so hilarious, it was well worth a second viewing.

Overall, we had a great time out, just the girls.

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  1. It really was a great time!! I loved it, and I am so happy we were able to celebrate you!! I love you Manda, and am so excited to give you a massage!!