Busy, Busy

It's that time of the year here at work, where everything steps into a higher gear and we wrap up the year with pledge drives and letters, inventory and gift sending. It's also the time to prepare for next year. Budgeting and goal setting and reviewing the successes (or not-so-much) of the last year. Cue midterms and cold weather.

Anyway, despite the hectic goings on in our lives, we are doing great.

We have joined the worldwide scavenger hunt that is geocaching and are having a blast. Stay tuned for more info on that. Perhaps even a whole new blog for our geocaching adventures.

Matty G is in town for a few days this week for business. We went up last night and Uncle Ernie took us out to dinner at the Red Rock Brewing Company in Salt Lake City. It was delicious. We then strolled over to the gateway, got some ice cream and did a little window shopping. It was an absolutely perfect night in SLC. The weather coorporated for once. YES.

Wednesday, Matt and I are going to get some haunted house action going on. And I'm SO excited. Matt is my haunted house buddy and I was not happy about the idea of a Halloween passing without him nearby. Thanks for sending him over, Uncle Ernie.

The weekend, my BFF AD is going to be in Idaho visiting her mom, so me and Geoff are gonna road trip it up to see her for a few days - and I'm so excited to get a chance to just hang out with my favorite gal and my favorite dude. It's gonna rock.


  1. Let's hear it for Uncle Ernie. He gave me a sweatshirt and a reusable grocery bag!

    I'm glad the weather coorporated. Are you certain it did not INcorporate?

    Speaking of crappy weather, blah for me!

  2. Geocaching is so much fun! WE should go out together sometime!!