Houses, and Travel, and House-guests. Oh, my!

Life has sped up like a locomotive - and it's going to be awhile before things really settle back down again. We are all moved into the new place now. There is still some serious cleaning to do at the apartment, but everything we own is officially in the house! We've got some unpacking to do yet, but the kitchen and bedroom are all set to go and we are enjoying all the space!

The fence went up yesterday and we are now just a gate away from unlocking the dog door for good! Romulus found out on Saturday how fantastic the dog door can be and ended up a few blocks down the street. Oops. He was delighted to come right to me when I called, however, and tell me all about his adventures down the street.

They also started the back deck this morning and in about a month our contractor will cut out the window in the living room into a door so we can have direct access from the living room to the backyard. It's really going to open up the living room and look great. I can't wait for that.

I leave this weekend for a short business trip to Montana. This will be my first real trip to Montana. We drove across the entire state (West to East) on our way to Fargo - but that was all at night. So it will be good to see it during the day. :)

Then I get back on Wednesday night and Geoff and I will prepare for our first set of house guests (Five of them to be exact)! Mama and Daddy G will be coming out, accompanied by my bro Matt and his beautiful wife (and you better click on that link and see the little man that is coming, too. He is the CUTEST. Ever.). They fly in on Monday the 22nd for a fun-filled Thanksgiving week.

I promise to go home and take some pictures of the fence and deck and house. It's just still a moving mess - and I don't really want to post pictures of a mess!


  1. You will DIE (probably not literally, but I cannot guarantee it!) when you see that little boy. A HOMEMADE meal, a new house, your family. You've hit the mother lode!

  2. So glad you are in your new home and loving it!! Bet it's just wonderful having your own place. And I am jealous of your doggie door! I have to open the door for Sydney about 100 times a day. (Although she lets herself in, and shuts the door, which is pretty fabulous!)

  3. Congrats to Rom on his new adventure! And we are so excited to see your new place and visit and play and laugh and love on that darn cute baby of mine.

    Also, I will help you clean your apartment. You did, after all, help clean mine.