On California. And Clothes with an Opinion.

I spent the last 5 days in not-so-sunny-but-still-gorgeous California.

Mama G and I always have a hilarious time talking about, well, honestly, nothing. We can chat for days on end about nothing, everything, and anything. Over the next few posts, you will be privy to a smattering of our very important conversations - some with just each other, and some with strangers in, but not limited to, Old Navy, Best Buy, and The Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I have, as some of you may know, been struggling with a bit of moving-to-Fargo-starting-a-new-job-having-the-same-hours-as-hub-and-therefore-less-time-home-alone-to-cook-and-clean stress and the associated weight gain. I informed ma before coming out that I'm happy and healthy, just struggling a bit with the whole stupid weight thing. She happened to mention to me that I look great (of course). I explained that I felt great - and, in fact, the only reason I felt bad about my weight at all was because "my clothes kept calling me fat," which I'm sure has happened to us all at one point or another.

Ma, of course, found this statement to be most amusing. Only later to be trumped by another weight-related gem that popped out of my mouth. Ma and SIL (who is 8 months pregnant) were lamenteing their childhoods as they were both told they had "big bones." At this remark I looked at the two thin women and rolled my eyes. I leaned over to my SIL and told her, "My bones are a normal size, it's the rest of me that's big." She LOL'd. Literally.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go drink some Diet Mountain Dew and eat a BIG ol' cookie. I'll show my clothes who's boss.

P.S. Please note the amusement with which these statements were posted. Please refrain from comments like "you are not big." It's okay to have a sense of humor about some weight gain here and there. Seriously, the above statements are hilarious. :)


  1. Heck, yes!

    What is this whole Big-Boned Baloney, anyway? When I watch CSI (and I do) I never hear them say, "The subject is a female, approximately 25 yeas old, and rather big-boned, poor sap".


  2. What kind of cookie? Cause I really would like a cookie :)

    I still LOL at the comment. Can the baby have your wit instead of mine or Matthew's? Sad that wasn't an option for the game!