Well, Gee and I had the pleasure of flying out to California this weekend for my brother's wedding. (Let me clarify, the wedding was a pleasure, the flying was a nightmare - delayed an hour and a half BOTH DIRECTIONS). The wedding was fantastic, Lindsay looked amazing, Matt was so handsome and they both were so happy. My mom put together an amazing luncheon (homemade gourmet pizzas named after the newlyweds and their home towns - i.e. the Lindsay had spinach, artichoke hearts, gourmet cheese, homemade sauce, the Matt was an all meat pizza, the Santa Rosa had local cheeses, a sauce made from locally grown tomatoes...etc...), a make-your-own italian soda bar (which was a hit!), a salad bar, and dessert. It was beautiful and a lot of work. But so worth it.
The reception was lovely as well. It was outdoors (a brave move on November 8th), and there was a moment or two of rain, but it subsided quickly and the whole evening was lovely. I'm sorry for any of you who didn't get to see the first dance. It was quite a treat. Geoff looked terribly handsome in his chocolate colored tux, although the shoes looked a bit like something edible from Willie Wonka's Chocolate factory.

It was a great chance to see some of my extended family who I haven't seen in quite awhile. I come from such a great family and it is so nice to be reminded of my roots from time to time. Mostly what I was reminded of this weekend is how much I love my husband. He is the perfect man for me and I could not imagine being married to anyone else. We were married in the same temple as my brother just over a year ago and it was the very best day of my life and I am so glad, lucky, and happy that we made that choice.
Congrats Matt and Lindsay Gamblin!


  1. Thanks for the props on the luncheon. It sounds so nice in written form.

    Love the flattering picture of me. Lame. Ah well.

    Love you!

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